Monday, 2 January 2017

That friend's daughter you'd like to f...k

SPOILER ALERT - there is no photo today! Sorry guys, this topic means I can't really show anything. I am a wanker, but I respect some privacy...

I woke up at 3:46 AM with the biggest boner ever. We've all been there right? Middle of the night, wife asleep, a hard-on so tough that you believe your dick is actually going to explode, and then what? going back to sleep? Fat chance! Jump on the sleeping wife and do her as she slumbers? Hmmm that would not go down well. Not that I have ever done it,  but we did discuss it (mostly because a former girlfriend of mine had the fantasy of being woken up with a man plowing his dick inside her pussy). Result of the said discussion? Wife said to never ever do that.

Leave me with 2 options: get up, do something somewhere in the house, whatever, doesn't matter just get busy. Not very tempting as I am a lazy fart and I love lying in bed in the middle of the night! Call me traditional, night is bed time, not DIY time...

Next option? wank it out. My penis has decided to be as erect as these things can be, and I think this is just sending me a message. I tend to listen to him and today was no exception. Right down the hand went and started stroking. I must admit that walking in the secret of the dark night, lying next to my wife and hearing her slow breathing as she goes into the arms of Morpheus (damn that guy, I hope he does her good!).

I was half asleep myself and I let my mind surrender to the vivid remnants of my dream. I don't always remember my dreams so well, but this one was still hot and obviously let me in quite a state down there... the main image was clear in my head. I closed the eyes and could see her again. She is the daughter of a great friend of mine. I worked with my lady friend between 2000 and 2003. We got on well and spent quite some time together. Never did anything sexual (as you will ask) just had a strong friendship as sometimes happen. She had 2 kids, a little toddler and a 3 years old daughter (in 2000). I was single and she had a distance relationship so we ended up spending parts of our weekend together and I did my share of looking after her kids. In 2003 I moved away and been there ever since. We stayed in touch via email, phone, Facebook etc and we met a few times. But then, she came  to visit me and her daughter came along. That was 3 years ago, and her daughter had grown up into a burgeoning teenager. Oh my!

And she bonded with me in a way, found out I was that nice guy she could barely remember from her childhood and that I was a nice man... She came again to visit the following year and now she had turned 18. Oh my Oh my. How did I ever resisted I cannot explained.  She will be turning 20 this year and let's say this: I would do her again and again.

So I wanted thinking of her this morning. She just published a new photos on Fb and she looks stunning. I imagine her boobs to be quite large and bouncy, she is blonde and has put red strips in her hair, she has such a cute little nose. Well you get the picture.

OK feeling better now I had this purge and some more sleep. Just wanted to share this with you. Have you ever wanted to do a friend's daughter (or son actually, why not)? what a fantasy this is.

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