Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Final photos from my TV / dressing phase

In my series of Transvestite photoshoots, a few more from my personal collection. All these date back to 2010 and 2011, during my dressing phase. 

I loved the black shoes I had on this photo, the same that I wore during the French maid shoot. Same stockings as well. This is a nice up-skirt sort of view. My legs were fully shaved at the time, I keep shaving them every week and I loved the smooth sensation when running my hand on them. It is very interesting the first time you shave to see how your skin is much lighter coloured than you thought! But then the silkiness of the caress is so nice, I wonder to this day why on earth we have air on our legs!

 Anyway, my white tight series is my favorite. I LOVED these boots and black skirt, black boots, white tights will always be a favorite of mine.

I actually created an online dating profile with these pictures, saying I was too shy to show my face yet. You know what? I was hit quite a lot!!! Including some seriously sexual invitations...

 This photo got me to meet a series of very nice guys. With fake boobs and a short black denim skirt offering view of my very well filled knickers, I did look quite decent for someone to take me out don't you think?

Anyway, nothing happened as much, but I did have a lot of fun walking into this exact outfit in front of married men who wanted a little bit of different fun on the side.

Yes I offered myself as a walking bitch, but nothing more. I was dressed exactly as the girl you see on the right and I would behave in my most feminine way... We would just talk. Well mostly they would talk about their miserable life with boring wife and children etc. I was half listening most of the time but when it was show time, I would just pull the knickers to the side, take my cock out and wank in front of them. most of them wanted to suck me or lick my cum and I let most of them do just that! Though I also jerked over myself (cost me a fair few stockings that...) or sometimes they would show me family pictures and I would just spread over their wife.

to the left, no tights or stockings, just my shaved legs. I really enjoyed walking in these boots, though it did take me quite some time to learn. Also, had to find the largest boots ever to fit in and most model would not go to my size... but I found these and with my short denim skirt, they were a good match. If I have a regret to these days is to not have allowed my arse to anyone. I was not into that I guess and quite nervous about it.

But now, a few years on and with no chance of doing this again (the phase is gone and my wife would turn mad if she saw it me like this today!) I wish I had taken the opportunity to let a nice gentleman fuck me nicely as I was wearing my short skirt and boots.

Very fun photos with coloured tights during my phase of experimenting with colours, clothes and even fake boobs! 

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