Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Final photos from my TV / dressing phase

In my series of Transvestite photoshoots, a few more from my personal collection. All these date back to 2010 and 2011, during my dressing phase. 

I loved the black shoes I had on this photo, the same that I wore during the French maid shoot. Same stockings as well. This is a nice up-skirt sort of view. My legs were fully shaved at the time, I keep shaving them every week and I loved the smooth sensation when running my hand on them. It is very interesting the first time you shave to see how your skin is much lighter coloured than you thought! But then the silkiness of the caress is so nice, I wonder to this day why on earth we have air on our legs!

 Anyway, my white tight series is my favorite. I LOVED these boots and black skirt, black boots, white tights will always be a favorite of mine.

I actually created an online dating profile with these pictures, saying I was too shy to show my face yet. You know what? I was hit quite a lot!!! Including some seriously sexual invitations...

 This photo got me to meet a series of very nice guys. With fake boobs and a short black denim skirt offering view of my very well filled knickers, I did look quite decent for someone to take me out don't you think?

Anyway, nothing happened as much, but I did have a lot of fun walking into this exact outfit in front of married men who wanted a little bit of different fun on the side.

Yes I offered myself as a walking bitch, but nothing more. I was dressed exactly as the girl you see on the right and I would behave in my most feminine way... We would just talk. Well mostly they would talk about their miserable life with boring wife and children etc. I was half listening most of the time but when it was show time, I would just pull the knickers to the side, take my cock out and wank in front of them. most of them wanted to suck me or lick my cum and I let most of them do just that! Though I also jerked over myself (cost me a fair few stockings that...) or sometimes they would show me family pictures and I would just spread over their wife.

to the left, no tights or stockings, just my shaved legs. I really enjoyed walking in these boots, though it did take me quite some time to learn. Also, had to find the largest boots ever to fit in and most model would not go to my size... but I found these and with my short denim skirt, they were a good match. If I have a regret to these days is to not have allowed my arse to anyone. I was not into that I guess and quite nervous about it.

But now, a few years on and with no chance of doing this again (the phase is gone and my wife would turn mad if she saw it me like this today!) I wish I had taken the opportunity to let a nice gentleman fuck me nicely as I was wearing my short skirt and boots.

Very fun photos with coloured tights during my phase of experimenting with colours, clothes and even fake boobs! 

Thursday, 19 January 2017

The French maid set

Hey there my followers, remember my tights and dress post a couple of weeks ago? Didn't I promise you some exciting stuff? Well there it is, French maid photos. Let's stop there and make it a story without words. Enjoy!

Friday, 6 January 2017

My Octopuss in action

Hey there, you have been waiting to see what the Octopuss can do to a dick? Well there you have it, the vibration make my jeez pop out just like that in a minute top.

I can't hold it at all, it just flows out. The vibration somehow makes it just flow instead of jerk off, as if it was impossible to keep it in. I can assure you the sensations are amazing. My best purchase in the toy department! Genius invention, and a very way to not be bothered if the wife closed her legs tight for a few nights. With this toy, your ball will empty in seconds.

Anyway, I am not an advertising company, just really happy with my product. enough chit chat, see my spunk come out in this video. Enjoy!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

I do like a bit of TV at times

This post is again a shocker for some - but by now you may have guessed I am not against shocking a bit.

This blog is mine and it is about my masturbation addiction, things I like to do or think about when I wank.
I would expect people reading this blog to understand and share some of my habits...
This is just another one of them, different, maybe not to everybody's taste but I invite you to be open minded.
Yes this is me wearing a dress, knickers, bras and pantyhose (or tights). I love the contact of tights on my legs and I love to caress myself wearing these. The silk tightly spread over my skin feels so nice, so soft. When I was younger I used to sleep (alone at the time) wearing tights. They would keep me warm and I would get so excited in the morning to wake up with them and wank still wearing them.

I do like some of these photos, though not the top quality. If you are into a bit of TV, you may ask questions such as did I shave my legs? Well not on this occasion no. I was not single then and just had a bit of fun during a weekend alone.

But be patient - there is some good stuff coming soon if you are into a bit of TV. around years 2010/2011 I really went into a phase of dressing regularly. I even went clubbing like this!!! yes, so exciting. Well actually I traveled as "a man" and changed there for a special TV/TS evening. I got someone doing a bit of make up and I was being seduced by men... what a special evening that was! And I met someone who asked if she could take a few photos of me for a new magazine she was launching in the UK. I said Yes and a week later she turned up to my place. The second magazine had a special French maid uniform so she brought some stuff for me to wear. A dozen photos and a nice cup of tea later, I was excited at the prospect of actually being published. And I was!

Doubt you can find it anywhere these days but I was in TV mag. In a future post I will share some of the pics we took that day. Until then, enjoy me wearing these opaque tights.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Shaved pubes

Hi everybody, thank you for following this wanker... well hopefully  you are quite the voyeur and that goes well with an exhibitionist like me.

Ok, I have showed you parts of my wife in previous posts so let's now make this post about me ;-)
Hey after all masturbation is about self love, isn't it? 

Don't worry, most of my posts will be graphic and there will be more of the wifey... promise! and a few other surprises for the real perverts out there. (and there must be plenty, come on it can't just be me!)

Anyway, the theme of today is that I have decided to cut down the forest that was hiding my cock. Truth is, my wife was begging me to do it... she found 2 reasons for it:
1. it looks better, my dick looks bigger, she prefers it and that should be enough for me anyway
2. It is much better for blow-jobs and that suits me well 😁

So, there we go, my body is not top model or whatever. I am 40 years old and not a top athlete so what do you want? OK I'll show you photos  from me 10 years ago to compare...

This here is my tool, soft and floppy and then hard and looking right back at you! If you are wondering I am uncut but I do love the feel of retracting the foreskin and letting the knob show properly, like a single eye.

Ok, all up to you to see and comment. You know what guys? I am only at the very beginning of this daily blog but I would really love it if you could comment, add feedback and even contact me!

Just email if you wish at pervbabas@gmail.com and tell me about you, your own walking habits, what you want to see on my blog, what story you want. Just tell me anything you feel like and if I like your stuff, I might send you some nice gifts... tempted? Come, don't be shy.

Monday, 2 January 2017

That friend's daughter you'd like to f...k

SPOILER ALERT - there is no photo today! Sorry guys, this topic means I can't really show anything. I am a wanker, but I respect some privacy...

I woke up at 3:46 AM with the biggest boner ever. We've all been there right? Middle of the night, wife asleep, a hard-on so tough that you believe your dick is actually going to explode, and then what? going back to sleep? Fat chance! Jump on the sleeping wife and do her as she slumbers? Hmmm that would not go down well. Not that I have ever done it,  but we did discuss it (mostly because a former girlfriend of mine had the fantasy of being woken up with a man plowing his dick inside her pussy). Result of the said discussion? Wife said to never ever do that.

Leave me with 2 options: get up, do something somewhere in the house, whatever, doesn't matter just get busy. Not very tempting as I am a lazy fart and I love lying in bed in the middle of the night! Call me traditional, night is bed time, not DIY time...

Next option? wank it out. My penis has decided to be as erect as these things can be, and I think this is just sending me a message. I tend to listen to him and today was no exception. Right down the hand went and started stroking. I must admit that walking in the secret of the dark night, lying next to my wife and hearing her slow breathing as she goes into the arms of Morpheus (damn that guy, I hope he does her good!).

I was half asleep myself and I let my mind surrender to the vivid remnants of my dream. I don't always remember my dreams so well, but this one was still hot and obviously let me in quite a state down there... the main image was clear in my head. I closed the eyes and could see her again. She is the daughter of a great friend of mine. I worked with my lady friend between 2000 and 2003. We got on well and spent quite some time together. Never did anything sexual (as you will ask) just had a strong friendship as sometimes happen. She had 2 kids, a little toddler and a 3 years old daughter (in 2000). I was single and she had a distance relationship so we ended up spending parts of our weekend together and I did my share of looking after her kids. In 2003 I moved away and been there ever since. We stayed in touch via email, phone, Facebook etc and we met a few times. But then, she came  to visit me and her daughter came along. That was 3 years ago, and her daughter had grown up into a burgeoning teenager. Oh my!

And she bonded with me in a way, found out I was that nice guy she could barely remember from her childhood and that I was a nice man... She came again to visit the following year and now she had turned 18. Oh my Oh my. How did I ever resisted I cannot explained.  She will be turning 20 this year and let's say this: I would do her again and again.

So I wanted thinking of her this morning. She just published a new photos on Fb and she looks stunning. I imagine her boobs to be quite large and bouncy, she is blonde and has put red strips in her hair, she has such a cute little nose. Well you get the picture.

OK feeling better now I had this purge and some more sleep. Just wanted to share this with you. Have you ever wanted to do a friend's daughter (or son actually, why not)? what a fantasy this is.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Sweet Cindy - The web babe I like

Many years back I found a photo of a girl, half naked on a sofa and I liked her. She didn't look amazing in that particular photo but after a bit of tracking down, I found the entire set and got attracted with her. She is the typical girl next door, except in her case next door means Germany! I then found out she had several websites and had started nude modelling in her teens.

Yes that is Nude. Modeling. In her Teens. It was said on the site and in forums that the photograph was her grand dad. Now you believe this or not, it is irrelevant. I ended up following this girl and I bought almost everything she ever done.

I cannot tell you how many times I have masturbated looking at her because I would be shocked myself. It has been around 10 years since I found her, I have 85 GB worth of material gathered before she dropped out of the internet and I keep looking at her photos regularly.

So today I will share some of them with you. You may know here, you may already like her or maybe it will be brand new. In any case, she does it for me big time and I hope you enjoy looking at her.

Happy Wanking.