Saturday, 31 December 2016

Taboo talk - look away if easily offended!

Today's blog post is taboo. TABOO!!! 

That means I am going to talk about a subject that most people feel very uncomfortable about. So don't get angry, if you read this it is because you want it. If you read beyond these words of warning, it is your own decision, your own fault so don't accuse me.


You still there?
Still with me?

Ok then, I shall get started. Today, my walking practice is going to cross a line with many, but hey, I am not that naive and I know for an absolute fact that it will also resonate with so many guys in the world..
What is it then, come on stop teasing... Ok fine here goes. A while back I have found a special stash of photos and videos and I have since been using them countless times in my wanking regular practice. Story is this: a few years back I was asked to babysit.  Simple hey? Yep my sister and her man were going out so I spent a few hours at their place making sure the little nephew was OK. And as I got quite bored - but also had some sort of incline I decide to start their computer. I had seen previously and by pure chance that during their last vacation they took many photos, including a couple of them stark naked... Yes guys, start getting excited now because it is coming.

Let me cut the story short, I went to their computer, looked into sub-sub folders what they had, hoping that maybe  it was their normal practice to take a couple of naughty pics in their holidays. I found loads of photos of all their travel and vacations. But every folder was as boring as any couple visiting a town somewhere over there, in that country towards the left... I was quite disappointed but hey. always an optimistic guy, I ventured further and found sub-sub-sub-sub and some more folder.
Oh lord! no kidding: several hundreds of photos and videos of --- ell yes you know it: my little sis mostly and her man going at it. there was everything: lingerie, risky pauses in public, nude photos, close up of her tits, pussy, clit, arse, legs, everything! She was sucking, fucked deep, in her arse, even masturbating with a purple dildo. I have always known my sister was no saint, hell, she had more than 20 boyfriend by the time she turned 30... but that was a treasure trove.

So yes, incest is a taboo that runs in me. There you have it. I have copied the whole lot on my stick. (USB stick you perv.) and I swear I have never been ashamed of wanking, stroking, coming, masturbating, looking at my sister's pussy through time" hairy, brazilian, shaved.... I have seen her lips around his cock and thought what if it was mine. I wish she could use a glory-hole, I can tell you I'd be there every day.

So to all sinners out there: throw me the first stone if you don't think it's hot. Oh well I don't care what you think. Would I lick my sis' pussy? Hell yes! wouldn't you?

OK, enough words, images!!! we want photos!

I hear you my friends. this is my little sis just in her late 30's. Wank for her, have fun, admire her body and let your hot juice flow all over her photos, just imagine what you would do if she were to walk in front of you dressed like this. Show my sis' what you have big boy.

Friday, 30 December 2016

My new wanking toy

I now present my newly acquired toy. It's quite funny in a way that if you mention the words "sex toy" people immediately assume you are talking about a dildo or anything for a woman. And if you say, no it's actually a man sex toy then you get the usual answer: " oh yeah a blow doll"...

Well no. This is a wanking machine for the modern man! It literally blew me away. First put your dick like mine in this picture... yep, soft and flabby, wondering what on earth this contraption might be able to do.

Then, press on, chooses your type of vibration and the intensity of it et voila!
I managed to stay about 45 secondes before cuming the first time and I am not generally fast.
It is very impressive!

This is the view if you look right at it. As you get hard it will squeeze you and the vibration will make your dick go wild.

It is called Octopuss Pulse 2. In the UK you will find it somewhere around £60 to £70. OK, maybe you will say this is not cheap. And I am with you on that one.

but until you find a friend who is willing to give you a hand every time you need it, this is the perfect companion for your cock. She will say thank you soooo many times!.

It charges quickly but also discharge quickly (and so will you) so need to be powered on regularly.

Well there you go, I couldn't wait any longer so I will now be making a video of my Octopuss in action. And I will upload it soon... stay tuned!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Wife's tribute.

Yesterday, some random guy sent a video of him wanking over a photo of my wife. I find this soooo hot!!! anyone wants to do this? Please go ahead and show me.

I hope this guy's phone works OK... Thanks to him, anonymous guy for using that photo of my gorgeous plump wife and wank over her. I love that stuff! Look below for a few photos if you want to have a go yourself. email me the result, I would love to see it, maybe publish it here soon after...

Don't ask for a photo of her face though. Well yes sorry but this game has rules. she doesn't want to be seen so body parts are fine, face is not. sorry guys!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

My wife's boobs

Hey there,

today I want to wank over a pair of large, soft and very lovely boobs. They belong to my amazing wife and I am so lucky that she let's me wank over them. I love first to squeeze them, squish them as if they were made of play-doh. such fun! They make me get so hard...

If you have only access to small tits you can't know the delight of a pearl necklace. It is exquisite to
sit on a girl's belly and to place your hard dick right in her cleavage, facing towards her. See the picture there? yes that's exactly what you do. then you bring the boobs together to squeeze your cock and you just go back and forth. This my friend is a great way to celebrate a woman's big chest. Let her do the pressing on her boobs, free your hand and just fuck her like this.

I love that! After doing this, I just finish myself with a nice wank and spread my juice all over her tits...

Oh yes, the photo above is a random representation of the sexual position described here... I don't know that girl. But look below because the next pics are the boobs I suck and fuck. That's my wife's gorgeous breast, large and big as I love it. I am now going to stop writing 'cause I need to wank again over my wife's tits. Question is: will you join me? I'd love you to wank and cum all over her boobs. That makes me hot!!!

Monday, 26 December 2016

Let's get this started

Hey there, I thought I would introduced myself. I am Babas, I am a pervert and a megawanker.

This here is my tool, my dick, my cock, my penis, the best friend to my right hand and a very good acquaintance to my left. It is my third eye, the pussy explorer, the anus visitor, the wank spitter and wank machine.

Far from being shy, she shows herself everytime she can. She loves being seen, touched, kissed, sucked, strocked, and she loves getting into wet, dark and tight places. She hates being confined to tight clothing and need to see the light a lot.

I wank! That is clear, I wank on anything. I wank alone and with my wife. I would wank with your wife if I was invited. My perversion has no limit. I can hear any stories, any fantasies. In this blog I will describe my wanking adventures. Feel free to join, comment, give me ideas, wank with me.

This is a complete and available account of my addiction to masturbation, a journey into my own personal depraved obsession with cuming and my complete sexual perversion. I don't harm or injure anyone, because all of this I do alone. So if you are offended by anything I say, the ideas I mention, the fantasies I explore, then just turn away. It's easy to not be hurt by me: just go away.

If you like, comment.
If you hate, comment more!! I have a thing for being insulted and humiliated anyway.

Above all, enjoy.