Friday, 30 December 2016

My new wanking toy

I now present my newly acquired toy. It's quite funny in a way that if you mention the words "sex toy" people immediately assume you are talking about a dildo or anything for a woman. And if you say, no it's actually a man sex toy then you get the usual answer: " oh yeah a blow doll"...

Well no. This is a wanking machine for the modern man! It literally blew me away. First put your dick like mine in this picture... yep, soft and flabby, wondering what on earth this contraption might be able to do.

Then, press on, chooses your type of vibration and the intensity of it et voila!
I managed to stay about 45 secondes before cuming the first time and I am not generally fast.
It is very impressive!

This is the view if you look right at it. As you get hard it will squeeze you and the vibration will make your dick go wild.

It is called Octopuss Pulse 2. In the UK you will find it somewhere around £60 to £70. OK, maybe you will say this is not cheap. And I am with you on that one.

but until you find a friend who is willing to give you a hand every time you need it, this is the perfect companion for your cock. She will say thank you soooo many times!.

It charges quickly but also discharge quickly (and so will you) so need to be powered on regularly.

Well there you go, I couldn't wait any longer so I will now be making a video of my Octopuss in action. And I will upload it soon... stay tuned!

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