Tuesday, 27 December 2016

My wife's boobs

Hey there,

today I want to wank over a pair of large, soft and very lovely boobs. They belong to my amazing wife and I am so lucky that she let's me wank over them. I love first to squeeze them, squish them as if they were made of play-doh. such fun! They make me get so hard...

If you have only access to small tits you can't know the delight of a pearl necklace. It is exquisite to
sit on a girl's belly and to place your hard dick right in her cleavage, facing towards her. See the picture there? yes that's exactly what you do. then you bring the boobs together to squeeze your cock and you just go back and forth. This my friend is a great way to celebrate a woman's big chest. Let her do the pressing on her boobs, free your hand and just fuck her like this.

I love that! After doing this, I just finish myself with a nice wank and spread my juice all over her tits...

Oh yes, the photo above is a random representation of the sexual position described here... I don't know that girl. But look below because the next pics are the boobs I suck and fuck. That's my wife's gorgeous breast, large and big as I love it. I am now going to stop writing 'cause I need to wank again over my wife's tits. Question is: will you join me? I'd love you to wank and cum all over her boobs. That makes me hot!!!

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