Monday, 26 December 2016

Let's get this started

Hey there, I thought I would introduced myself. I am Babas, I am a pervert and a megawanker.

This here is my tool, my dick, my cock, my penis, the best friend to my right hand and a very good acquaintance to my left. It is my third eye, the pussy explorer, the anus visitor, the wank spitter and wank machine.

Far from being shy, she shows herself everytime she can. She loves being seen, touched, kissed, sucked, strocked, and she loves getting into wet, dark and tight places. She hates being confined to tight clothing and need to see the light a lot.

I wank! That is clear, I wank on anything. I wank alone and with my wife. I would wank with your wife if I was invited. My perversion has no limit. I can hear any stories, any fantasies. In this blog I will describe my wanking adventures. Feel free to join, comment, give me ideas, wank with me.

This is a complete and available account of my addiction to masturbation, a journey into my own personal depraved obsession with cuming and my complete sexual perversion. I don't harm or injure anyone, because all of this I do alone. So if you are offended by anything I say, the ideas I mention, the fantasies I explore, then just turn away. It's easy to not be hurt by me: just go away.

If you like, comment.
If you hate, comment more!! I have a thing for being insulted and humiliated anyway.

Above all, enjoy.

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