Saturday, 31 December 2016

Taboo talk - look away if easily offended!

Today's blog post is taboo. TABOO!!! 

That means I am going to talk about a subject that most people feel very uncomfortable about. So don't get angry, if you read this it is because you want it. If you read beyond these words of warning, it is your own decision, your own fault so don't accuse me.


You still there?
Still with me?

Ok then, I shall get started. Today, my walking practice is going to cross a line with many, but hey, I am not that naive and I know for an absolute fact that it will also resonate with so many guys in the world..
What is it then, come on stop teasing... Ok fine here goes. A while back I have found a special stash of photos and videos and I have since been using them countless times in my wanking regular practice. Story is this: a few years back I was asked to babysit.  Simple hey? Yep my sister and her man were going out so I spent a few hours at their place making sure the little nephew was OK. And as I got quite bored - but also had some sort of incline I decide to start their computer. I had seen previously and by pure chance that during their last vacation they took many photos, including a couple of them stark naked... Yes guys, start getting excited now because it is coming.

Let me cut the story short, I went to their computer, looked into sub-sub folders what they had, hoping that maybe  it was their normal practice to take a couple of naughty pics in their holidays. I found loads of photos of all their travel and vacations. But every folder was as boring as any couple visiting a town somewhere over there, in that country towards the left... I was quite disappointed but hey. always an optimistic guy, I ventured further and found sub-sub-sub-sub and some more folder.
Oh lord! no kidding: several hundreds of photos and videos of --- ell yes you know it: my little sis mostly and her man going at it. there was everything: lingerie, risky pauses in public, nude photos, close up of her tits, pussy, clit, arse, legs, everything! She was sucking, fucked deep, in her arse, even masturbating with a purple dildo. I have always known my sister was no saint, hell, she had more than 20 boyfriend by the time she turned 30... but that was a treasure trove.

So yes, incest is a taboo that runs in me. There you have it. I have copied the whole lot on my stick. (USB stick you perv.) and I swear I have never been ashamed of wanking, stroking, coming, masturbating, looking at my sister's pussy through time" hairy, brazilian, shaved.... I have seen her lips around his cock and thought what if it was mine. I wish she could use a glory-hole, I can tell you I'd be there every day.

So to all sinners out there: throw me the first stone if you don't think it's hot. Oh well I don't care what you think. Would I lick my sis' pussy? Hell yes! wouldn't you?

OK, enough words, images!!! we want photos!

I hear you my friends. this is my little sis just in her late 30's. Wank for her, have fun, admire her body and let your hot juice flow all over her photos, just imagine what you would do if she were to walk in front of you dressed like this. Show my sis' what you have big boy.

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