Thursday, 5 January 2017

I do like a bit of TV at times

This post is again a shocker for some - but by now you may have guessed I am not against shocking a bit.

This blog is mine and it is about my masturbation addiction, things I like to do or think about when I wank.
I would expect people reading this blog to understand and share some of my habits...
This is just another one of them, different, maybe not to everybody's taste but I invite you to be open minded.
Yes this is me wearing a dress, knickers, bras and pantyhose (or tights). I love the contact of tights on my legs and I love to caress myself wearing these. The silk tightly spread over my skin feels so nice, so soft. When I was younger I used to sleep (alone at the time) wearing tights. They would keep me warm and I would get so excited in the morning to wake up with them and wank still wearing them.

I do like some of these photos, though not the top quality. If you are into a bit of TV, you may ask questions such as did I shave my legs? Well not on this occasion no. I was not single then and just had a bit of fun during a weekend alone.

But be patient - there is some good stuff coming soon if you are into a bit of TV. around years 2010/2011 I really went into a phase of dressing regularly. I even went clubbing like this!!! yes, so exciting. Well actually I traveled as "a man" and changed there for a special TV/TS evening. I got someone doing a bit of make up and I was being seduced by men... what a special evening that was! And I met someone who asked if she could take a few photos of me for a new magazine she was launching in the UK. I said Yes and a week later she turned up to my place. The second magazine had a special French maid uniform so she brought some stuff for me to wear. A dozen photos and a nice cup of tea later, I was excited at the prospect of actually being published. And I was!

Doubt you can find it anywhere these days but I was in TV mag. In a future post I will share some of the pics we took that day. Until then, enjoy me wearing these opaque tights.

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